Untire – About us

How The Untire App Came to Be

Tired of Cancer’s Untire App is based on many years of experience in face-to-face therapy and online therapy with hundreds of cancer patients and survivors who suffer from extreme fatigue. Thousands of hours were spent developing the Untire app with a team of IT developers, researchers, cancer specialists in the field of psycho-oncology and cancer patients and survivors. We use theories and techniques from scientifically proven cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, positive psychology and physical exercise interventions.

Meet the Untire team

We are a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in research, fundraising, marketing, IT and project management. Our small team has worn many hats throughout the year but is focused to bring awareness to CRF, improve the app, add new content and support our current users. We all have one thing in common: our passion to create something valuable for cancer patients throughout the world.

Learn more about us: https://tiredofcancerapp.com/about-us/