Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please visit our support page for additional help.

  • CRF is characterized by feelings of tiredness, weakness, and lack of energy related to cancer or cancer therapy. CRF impacts daily living, reduces quality of life with social and economic consequences. Cancer-Related Fatigue is often misunderstood as common exhaustion but is a much different kind of tired. It can be described as “debilitating or paralyzing” where simple tasks like getting dressed or eating a meal can be impossible. It’s doesn’t disappear with a good night’s sleep and can persist throughout all stages of the cancer journey for months and even years.

  • Untire is an easy to use mobile app whose main focus is to help its users gain insight into their behavior, thoughts and
    symptoms which allows them to manage their energy levels, adjust their behaviors,
    recognize thought patterns and ultimately take back control. Untire is helping people regain energy to get back their body, mind and lives.

    Untire provides a step-by-step program that consists of four main elements: stress-reduction exercises, physical activities, educational topics and daily tips. Each week users can track their energy levels to view their progress. All app users have access to the private online Untire Community where additional tips and support can be shared amongst fellow cancer-fatigue peers.

  • Untire was developed for all cancer patients and survivors, regardless of cancer diagnosis, phase, treatment or age. Anyone with a smart phone or a tablet can use the app.

  • Data and privacy is of utmost importance to us. We take it seriously. That means we don’t have access to your personal data nor will we share data with any third party.
    We do collect some general data (name and email) for internal research how to improve our cancer-related fatigue program.

    You may delete your personal data at any time by using the in-App function “Forget me”. After consent, we will delete all personal data. After deletion, you can remove the app from your device. More information on privacy and data security can be found in our policy:

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