The Untire app provides support for
caregivers and their loved ones

Untire helps you and your loved ones

As a caregiver you know the impact cancer fatigue can have on the life of your loved one. It has major physical, mental and social consequences. Untire offers support for them, but you can also benefit from using Untire.

Untire can help you support your loved one and their fatigue.

The Untire Program

Tip of the day
A little positive thought to help brighten each day

My exercises
A variety of mind and body exercises to recharge and stress less

Untire app program

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Staying active can improve energy and mood. Get a variety easy exercises that can be done at home

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Learn about dealing with anxiety, boundaries, stress, sleep problems and other relevant issues

How you can help your loved one

Untire for your loved one

Cancer-Related Fatigue is different for every person. It’s hard to fully understand what CRF feels like without being in their shoes.

Here’s some ways you can work together to improve your loved one’s fatigue.

Be a buddy

Having someone to walk with or talk to can help a patient stick with the program.

Energy measurement

Your loved one can share their progress with you (and their doctor) so you both know what helps and hurts energy levels.

Physical activities

Exercise can help increase energy and improve wellbeing. It is always more fun to be active together.

Start a dialogue

Help your loved one discuss their energy and tiredness with their doctor. It’s important the doctor know how they are doing.

How Untire can help you as a caregiver

Below are the parts of the Untire program that give you ways to reduce stress, stay motivated, relax and re-energize so you can continue to care for your loved ones.

Change your response, not the situation. You may not be able to change your circumstances but you can change how you respond to them. Adding 15-minute worry sessions can help you get control over your worries.

Understand the importance of nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet can help provide energy.

In order to take care of others you have to take care of yourself. Find a variety of tips and suggestions to help make “me time” a habit. Even just 20 minutes to do something you enjoy can help.

Sleep is an important part of helping you recharge each day. Learn good sleep habits to help improve your sleep and get more rest each night.

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