“Cancer makes me tired,
Untire gives me energy.”

– Emma Louise

Download the Untire app and give yourself energy.

Cancer-Related Fatigue is a major problem. Now you can do something about it. The Untire app helps you get more energy.

Are you tired from cancer?

  • Feeling exhausted
  • Can occur suddenly
  • Takes time to recover
  • Negatively impacts your daily life
  • Limits your ability to be yourself

Untire is for every cancer patient and survivor suffering from tiredness and fatigue.

Less fatigue & More happiness

Weakly measurements indicate that users of Untire are less tired and more happy.
Preliminary results of the scientific research by the University of Groningen into the effectiveness of Untire show that users of the app are significantly less tired than people who don’t use Untire.

How does Untire work?

Untire helps you get more energy physically and mentally. The program helps in various ways, by providing:

  • Education about fatigue
  • Ways to relax and worry less
  • Exercises to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Tips for better sleeping
  • Ways to manage your energy during the day
  • Physical exercises to improve energy
  • Weekly energy measurement

What does it cost?

The Untire app is available for free.

“This really is a very high quality cancer survivor life coaching tool. I wish I had this earlier. It would have made my life after cancer a lot easier.”

  • Anna

“The app gave me practical ideas of how to manage my energy levels. Fatigue is so hard to deal with because you can’t predict when and how much is too much, understanding it and taking positive steps where you can makes a huge difference. ”

  • Emma Louise

Untire is approved by the NHS and listed in the NHS Apps Library.

Download the Untire app and give yourself energy.