Annegret’s story

Annegret’s story

Annegret’s story 1920 600 Untire

With many thanks to Annegret for sharing her story.

“In the autumn of 2015, I noticed an ache which I put down to overdoing yoga stretches. I tried to minimize it and hoped it would just go away. Eventually, I admitted it wasn’t getting any better, and saw my GP who then referred me to a specialist. I knew virtually nothing about cancers at this point, and I still felt well and healthy. I thought that the diagnosis was simple and would be easy to treat. It didn’t seem a big deal at the time.

I did it all when it came to treatments: Started chemotherapy immediately to shrink the cancer enough to have an excision rather than mastectomy. The cycles were exhausting, draining, and this was when the fatigue started. By the April following year, I was ready for surgery. And after that, radiotherapy. In October, a year after diagnosis, I was discharged from treatment, and on to follow up checks.

There is nothing you can read or watch that will prepare you for the utter devastation of the fatigue. Someone once called it ‘a suit of stones’, and that it is. There is no strength, no light, nothing. You must trust those around you to feed you, care for you, and keep you sane.

I discovered the Untire app via an online support group. This was way after my treatment, but I was still feeling wiped out and weak. While ill, I used it every day when possible, even if just to switch on and read one tip. When getting stronger, the exercises help me with mobility, motivation and recovery. It is very much about finding your own truth about what’s happening. Untire helped me feel normal, sane, weak yes but still alive and kicking.

For me, the fatigue was dehumanizing and alienating. But you will get through it. When the time is right, life will bloom again.”