Alison’s story

Alison’s story

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With many thanks to Alison for sharing her story.

“In November 2014, at the age of 48, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt numb, but went on autopilot, on cheerful mode! I had two cousins with breast cancer –one who recovered, the other who was undergoing chemo at the time –so I felt very supported and positive.

I underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Herceptin injections. It was a long two years of treatment, and it impacted my heart function, for which I am now on medication for life. I’m now cancer-free and take Tamoxifen daily.

Everything was so hectic after my diagnosis that I didn’t really process it until after my treatment had finished. Previously, I had cared for my 96-year-old grandmother, but she passed away during my chemo, so I felt lost.

I started to feel exhausted and depressed. Everybody expected me to just bounce back after treatment, and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just enjoy my life. My doctor told me to just ‘push through’, but it left me bedridden.

My exhaustion stopped me from doing so much and I felt as if my world was shrinking. Socialisingwas tiring, and I always felt overwhelmed.
I discovered the Untire app via Facebook, andcan honestly say I cried. Everything I’d been feeling finally made sense! The app guided me through ways of pacing myself, maintaining my energy levels and managing my low mood. I still feel fatigue, but I feel far more in control.

I wish that cancer fatigue was more widely known, especially by the medical profession, but thanks to Untire, I finally feel like ‘me’ again – a very different me to how I was before I had cancer, but definitely a stronger version of myself.”